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  • The Hill

    “Major technology companies are, unfortunately, lobbying to defeat this sensible and modest bill designed to make it harder for sex traffickers to misuse the Internet and abuse women and children for profit,” writes Professor Hany Farid.

  • New Scientist

    In a story about Thailand’s long-tailed macaques and their use of stones to open up shellfish, the magazine turns for comment to Professor Nathaniel Dominy. “It’s been shown that systematic predation causes prey of smaller size,” he says.

  • STAT

    In a column, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Stephanie White writes that “since our profession believes strongly in prevention and early intervention, we must talk about racism just as we do about vaccination, exercise, and healthy eating.”

  • Huffington Post

    Apologizing can backfire, reports The Huffington Post. It cites research by Dartmouth’s Gili Freedman suggesting the word “sorry” isn’t always helpful. Saying “I’m sorry” to someone you’re rejecting can make rejection feel worse, she says.

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