Brian Jackson

Research Associate Professor
Director, Trace Element Analysis Core

The broad theme of my research is the cycling of contaminant trace elements in the environment and the associated implications for human health.  In particular I specialize in arsenic and mercury biogeochemistry and on developing analytical coupled methods to probe the speciation and partitioning of As and Hg in complex environmental systems.  Current specific areas of interest are the potential role of climate change on the availability of mercury in estuarine and terrestrial systems and human exposure to arsenic through food.

221 Steele
HB 6105
Earth Sciences
BA Chemistry, Oriel College, Oxford University, 1989
Ph.D. Soil Science (Soil Chemistry), University of Georgia, USA, 1998

Selected Publications

Jackson, BP. 2015.  Fast Ion Chromatography-ICP-QQQ for arsenic speciation. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy.  30(6):1405-1407.


Buckman KL, Marvin-DiPasquale M, Taylor VF, Chalmers A, Broadley HJ, Agee J, Jackson BP, Chen CY. 2015. Influence of a chlor-alkali Superfund site on mercury bioaccumulation in periphyton and Low-trophic level fauna. Environ Toxicol Chem. 34(7),1649-1658.

Taylor, V.F., Jackson, B.P, Siegfried, M. Francesconi, K., Kirshtein, J. Voytek, M. 2012. Multiple Arsenic speciation and cycling in food chains from mid-Atlantic hydrothermal vents. Environmental Chemistry, 9(2):130-138.


Jackson,B.P., Liba, A., Nelson, J. 2015. Advantages of reaction cell ICP-MS on doubly charged interferences for arsenic and selenium analysis in foods.  Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy.  (30), 1179-1183.


Beal, S.A., Kelly, M.A., Stroup, J.S., Jackson, B.P., Lowell, T.V., Tapia, P.M., 2014. Natural and anthropogenic variations in atmospheric mercury deposition during the Holocene near Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 28,4, 437-450.

Davis, M.A., Li, Z. Gilbert Diamond., D., Mackenzie, T.A., Cottingham, K.L., Jackson, B.P., Lee, J.S., Baker, E.R., Marsit, C.J., Karagas, M.R. 2014, Infant toenails as a biomarker of in utero arsenic exposure. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, Sep:24(5):467-473.

Jackson, B.P, Taylor, V.F., Punshon, T. Cottingham, K.L. 2012. Arsenic, Organic foods and Brown Rice Syrup. Environmental Health Perspectives.  120(5):623-626.

Jackson, B.P, Taylor, V.F., Punshon, T. Cottingham, K.L. (2012) Arsenic concentration and speciation in infant formulas and first foods. Pure and Applied Chemistry 84: 215-224.

Chen, C.Y.,  Kamman, N., Williams J., Bugge, D. Taylor, V.F., Jackson, B.P., Miller E. 2012. Spatial and temporal variation in mercury bioaccumulation by zooplankton in Lake Champlain (North America), Environmental Pollution, 161: 343-349.

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