Dale Turner

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of Government and of Native American Studies

646-0324 or 646-0766
Sherman House 202
HB 6152
Native American Studies
B.A. Concordia University
Ph.D. McGill University

Selected Publications

This is Not a Peace Pipe: Towards a Critical Indigenous Philosophy , (2006).

“What is Native American Philosophy?” Towards a Critical Indigenous Philosophy, in the Nature of Philosophy: Whose Knowledge? Which Tradition? , G. Yancy (ed.), (December 2006).

“Perceiving the World Differently,” in Intercultural Dispute Resolution in Aboriginal Contexts: Land Claims, Treaties, and Self-Government Agreements , D. Kahane and C. Bell (eds.), (2004).

“Oral Histories and the Politics of (Mis)recognition,” in American Indian Philosophy: A Reader , A. Waters (ed.), (2003).

“Vision: Towards an Understanding of Aboriginal Sovereignty,” in Canadian Political Philosophy: Contemporary Reflections , W. Norman and R. Beiner (eds.), (2001).

"Liberalism's Last Stand: Aboriginal Sovereignty and Kymlickas's Liberalism," Aboriginal Rights in Canada, United States and Mexico, Cook and Lindau, Eds., McGill-Queen's University Press, 2000.

"From Valladonlid to Ottawa: The Illusion of Listening to Aboriginal Peoples," Sacred Lands: Claims and Conflicts, Jill Oakes, Kathi Kinew, and Rick Riewe, Eds., Canadian Circumpolar Publications, 1997.