Martin N. Wybourne

Academic Appointments

Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Francis and Mildred Sears Professor of Physics

HB 6127
Physics and Astronomy
B.Sc. University of Nottingham
Ph.D. University of Nottingham
D.Sc. University of Nottingham

Selected Publications

Wybourne, M N, M F Austin, and C C Palmer, “National Cyber Security Research and Development Challenges Related to Economics, Physical Infrastructure and Human Behavior,” A report to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs , (February 2009).

Carr, S M, W E Lawrence, and M N Wybourne, “Nonlinear Buckling Instabilities of Free-Standing Mesoscopic Beams,” Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics. Model and Design of Complex Systems Series: Understanding Complex Systems , V In, P Longhini and A Palacios (Eds.), 7 (2009) 297 – 306.

Lawrence, W E, M N Wybourne, and S M Carr, “Compressional Mode Softening and Euler Buckling Patterns in Mesoscopic Beams,” New Journal of Physics , 8:223 (2006).

Kim, W J, S M Carr, and M N Wybourne, “Direct Contact Buckling of Electrochemically Grown Gold Nanowires,” Applied Physics Letters , 87:173112 (2005).

Carr, S M, W E Lawrence, and M N Wybourne, “Static Buckling and Actuation of Free-Standing Mesoscale Beams,” IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology , 4:655 (2005).

Works in progress

Chair-Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P)