Patrick Glauthier

Assistant Professor

My research focuses on Latin literature of the late Republic and early Empire, and I'm particularly interested in the origins and development of scientific writing at Rome. My current book project explores how the aesthetic experience of the sublime impacts the formulation of scientific ideas and shapes the representation of scientific inquiry in the first century C.E.

319 Reed Hall
HB 6086
Ph.D. Columbia University
M.Phil. Columbia University
M.A. Columbia University
B.A. Rice University

Selected Publications

“Bugonia, Aetiology, and Generic Self-Consciousness in Virgil’s Aristaeus Epyllion.” Under review at CQ.

“An Image Sublime: The Milky Way in Aratus and Manilius”. In Teaching Through Images: Imagery in Ancient Didactic Poetry, ed. J. Strauss Clay and A. Vergados (under review with Brill).

“Hybrid Ennius and his Monstrous (Re)Incarnations”. In Ennius: Poetry and History, ed. C. Damon and J. Farrell (under review with Cambridge University Press).

“Playing the Volcano: Prometheus Bound and Fifth Century Volcanic Theory.” Forthcoming in CP.

“Repurposing the Stars: Manilius, Astronomica 1, and the Aratean Tradition.” AJP 138 (2017) 267-303.

Census and commercium: Two Economic Metaphors in Manilius”. Ιn Forgotten Stars: Rediscovering Manilius’ Astronomica, ed. S. Green and K. Volk, Oxford, 2011, 188-201.

“Phaedrus, Callimachus and the recusatio to Success.”  CA 28 (2009) 248-78.

Works in progress

Book project: The Scientific Sublime in Imperial Rome: Manilius, Seneca, Lucan, and the Etna.