Views From the Green: Summer Sets In

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Campus is less crowded in summer term, and the pace in the dining halls is a little more relaxed, too. But there are plenty of activities to stay busy.

Kirsten Ziman on a bench
Kirsten Ziman, Guarini ’22, relaxes outside Moore Psychology Building, where she recently completed her PhD in cognitive neuroscience. (Photo by Lars Blackmore)
Person at blackboard with class to the left
Research Associate Ciaran Schembri teaches Math 117. (Photo by Lars Blackmore)
Anna Vasenina
Anna Vasenina, Guarini ’26, makes her way across the walkway alongside Anonymous Hall. (Photo by Lars Blackmore)
Plants in foreground, two students in background at science desks
Two people work in the Environmental Science lab. (Photo by Lars Blackmore)
The circulation desk at Baker Library
The circulation desk at Baker Library. (Photo by Lars Blackmore)
Novack Cafe, with customers
Serag Elagamy ’24 offers service with a smile to Hannah Kim ’23 in Novack Café. (Photo by Lars Blackmore)
Zack Emerson making pizza
Dining staff member Zack Emerson prepares fresh pizza for the lunch crowd at the Class of ’53 Commons. (Photo by Lars Blackmore)
Ishika Jha studying on a bench under "Carson" sign
Ishika Jha ’24 studies on a bench inside Carson Hall. (Photo by Lars Blackmore)
Michael Silverman behind his desk
Michael Silverman manages Dartmouth Outdoor Rentals and the Dartmouth Cross Country Ski Center. (Photo by Lars Blackmore)
Brody Thompson fixing a scooter
Brody Thompson ’24 trying to get his scooter running outside Beta. (Photo by Lars Blackmore)
Instructor and students in the ceramics studio
Claire Draeger ’24 and Dylan Wang ’24 work with Sarah Heimann in the Hopkins Center ceramics studio. (Photo by Lars Blackmore)
Students show each other the jewelry they are creating.
Jasmine Li ’24 and Tahmina Hasan ’22 create jewelry in the Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio in the Hop. (Photo by Lars Blackmore)
Matt Jones building a small wooden storage chest
Matt Jones, Guarini ’19, ’22, works on an elaborate board game storage chest in the Woodworking Workshop. (Photo by Lars Blackmore)
Mike Gonnerman '65 at the information booth on the Green.
Mike Gonnerman ’65, ready to answer your questions at the information booth on the Green. (Photo by Lars Blackmore)
Prospective students on a campus tour.
Campus tours for prospective students are in full swing during the summer term. (Photo by Corinne Arndt Girouard)