Mindfulness App Now Available to the Dartmouth Community

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Headspace supplements other wellness services for students, faculty, and staff.

Photo of the Headspace App on a phone
The Headspace app is being offered as an additional tool to support the mental well-being of the Dartmouth community. (Photo by Tada Images, Shutterstock)

Looking for help in managing the pace and stress of your day?

Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff are now eligible for free enrollment in Headspace, a mindfulness and meditation app that provides access to thousands of hours of science-based content designed to help individuals manage stress, improve sleep, exercise mindfully, and remain focused.

A Sept. 8 email from Caitlin Barthelmes, director of the Student Wellness Center, and Courtney Rotchford, program manager for Wellness at Dartmouth, invited members of the community to sign up for the program, which includes guided programs on such topics as “breathing exercises to reduce stress” and “meditation for parents.”

In the first week, more than 850 people at Dartmouth registered.

“I’m thrilled we are offering the Headspace app as an additional tool to support the mental well-being of the Dartmouth community,” says Rotchford. “It provides a platform not only for those interested in exploring mindfulness and meditation for the first time but also as a way to strengthen personal practices for those who have already found meditation to be useful in supporting their well-being.”

Barthelmes agrees. “Meditation and mindfulness practices have been a part of the Dartmouth community for many years, and I am excited by a renewed energy and understanding of the benefits of mindfulness as a pathway to support the well-being of our community,” she says. “Headspace is a complementary addition to the menu of mental and emotional well-being offerings that provide support along the continuum of care at Dartmouth.”

A “Getting Started With Headspace” webinar is also planned for Tuesday.

In addition to Headspace, the Student Wellness Center posts a wide range of in-person mindfulness opportunities on its calendar, including yoga classes, drop-in meditation sessions, and regular mindfulness and practice groups, most of which are also open to employees. The Tucker Center offers additional programs, including a weekly mindfulness group for faculty and staff. 

The idea for the adoption of a campus-wide mindfulness app came from feedback from the community, including a faculty and staff Wellness at Dartmouth survey, student government initiatives, and the Jed Foundation initiative, which is working to improve mental health on campus. Headspace was selected after a review of several available apps and a small comparison study that gathered feedback from undergraduates, graduate and professional school students, staff, and faculty.

“The majority of participants endorsed Headspace as a selection for Dartmouth primarily due to its name recognition, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive offerings that were inclusive of, but not limited to, mindfulness meditations,” Barthelmes says.

To enroll in Headspace, which is open to all enrolled students and employees who receive their paycheck from Dartmouth, visit the Headspace website and follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a Headspace account using your Dartmouth NetID email address (all lowercase). If you already have a Headspace account, log in with your current credentials through the above link and verify eligibility with your Dartmouth NetID email.
  2. Check your Dartmouth email; you will need to verify your email address to finish the enrollment process.
  3. Download the Headspace app in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device.
  4. Open the app and log in using your Headspace login details.

For more information on enrollment and how to get the most from Headspace membership, community members are invited to join the webinar on Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 12:30 p.m. Additional details are available in an FAQ (PDF).

Hannah Silverstein