Class Marshals Celebrate Their Time at Dartmouth

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The procession leaders also discuss their favorite places on campus.

Collage of 2024 Marshals

Each year, class marshals are selected by their fellow students on the basis of good citizenship, enthusiasm, integrity, and positive impact on others. The marshals carry batons engraved with their names as they lead their classmates to the Green during the Commencement procession.

The 2024 marshals were invited to give a brief description of the highlights of their time at Dartmouth and to share a few words about a place on campus that holds special meaning for them.

Student Marshals for 2024

Jason Acosta Espinosa
(Photo by Katie Lenhart) 

Jason Acosta Espinosa ’24

Hometown: Boston 

Major: History and Government

Jason Acosta Espinosa made leadership, compassion, and curiosity central to his Dartmouth mission. He collaborated with the Latine and Caribbean Council to develop inclusive and exciting events. Acosta Espinosa led research on the impact of petrostate politics on Venezuelan economics alongside investigating the relationship between gender and political violence in El Salvador. Outside of Dartmouth, he was awarded an Our Climate fellowship to lead federal and state-level policy shifts towards intersectional and sustainable climate justice. 

Favorite place around campus: The Green

“The Green is a beautiful center of Dartmouth life, particularly in the spring. I enjoyed sitting on the grass or benches with friends as we lost ourselves in conversation. I will yearn for the days I relaxed while reading on the bench facing Baker-Berry or waved hello to friends as I roamed the grass.” 


Kami Arabian
(Photo by Katie Lenhart) 

Kami S. Arabian ’24

Hometown: Los Angeles

Major: Government

A first-generation student, Kami Arabian served his peers as senior class president. His interest in national security led him to a Dickey Center War and Peace Fellowship. Arabian also served as the opinion editor of The Dartmouth and as vice president of his fraternity, Chi Gamma Epsilon. Arabian interned for the State Department and on Capitol Hill, including with U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., on the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. A salutatorian, he plans to spend the next two years as a Supreme Court researcher and then will attend Harvard Law School.

Favorite place around campus: Rockefeller Center Atrium

“I have never walked into the Rockefeller Atrium and left without learning something new. Whether attending speaker events or grabbing coffee with faculty inside the atrium, I often find myself engaged in lively debate. Natural light floods this space that is as inviting as it is inspiring.”


Jess Chiriboga
(Photo by Katie Lenhart) 

Jessica Chiriboga ’24

 Hometown: Glendora, Calif.

 Major: History, Government minor

As the undergraduate student body president, Jessica Chiriboga worked to bring about universal teletherapy and Dartmouth’s first-ever strategic plan for mental health and well-being. She also brought numerous thought leaders from across the political spectrum to campus with the Dartmouth Political Union. Chiriboga is grateful for her time with the varsity women’s rugby team, Stamps Scholars program, Sigma Delta sorority, Cobra, and the Dartmouth Outing Club. After graduation, Jessica will pursue an MPhil in History at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.

Favorite place around campus: Connecticut River

“Some of my fondest Dartmouth memories include swimming, paddling, and meals on the Ledyard porch with friends. The river has also been a source of inspiration for my environmental history research, and I made a point to dip in the river every day (daily dip) during my senior spring.” 


Shandu Chiuswa
(Photo by Katie Lenhart) 

Shandu Chiuswa ’24 

Hometown: Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Major: Economics and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies double major

Shandukurai Chiuswa is devoted to equitable access. As co-chair of the Sadie Alexander Association, she promoted equity in the study of economics by advocating for diverse professors, being a teaching assistant, and co-pioneering a mentorship program. She was also an undergraduate adviser and library student supervisor. Her equity work made her a Rhodes Scholarship finalist. During off-terms, she interned in financial services and after graduation will join Nomura Securities. She hopes to leverage these experiences in impact investing work in Africa.

Favorite place around campus: Baker-Berry Library

“For someone who loves buzz but also peace and quiet, Baker-Berry Library is a favorite. Greeting patrons at info desks, studying in Sherman stacks, laughing with friends at Jones Media Center, or getting lost in new books—that place has everything I need. It’s my own little world on campus.”


David Edington
(Photo by Katie Lenhart) 

David J. Edington ’23, Thayer ’24

Hometown: Portland, Ore.

Degrees: AB, Engineering Sciences; BE, Mechanical Engineering

David Edington is graduating from Dartmouth after four years studying engineering, rowing as a member of the men’s heavyweight crew team, and serving as president of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society. He spent his time outside of athletics and academics with friends, teammates, and younger brother Bradley Edington ’27, enjoying all that Vermont and New Hampshire have to offer.

Favorite place around campus: The Friends of Dartmouth Rowing Boathouse and the Connecticut River

“My favorite memories from around campus came from beautiful mornings in the late fall that I spent on the Connecticut River, rowing with some of my closest friends, and trying to make the most of every moment. Those are the memories that I will miss most in the coming years.”


Matthew Eybs
(Photo courtesy of Matthew Eybs) 

Matthew J. Eybs, Thayer ’24

Hometown: Saint James, N.Y.

Degree: Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering

Matthew Eybs came to Dartmouth to pursue his passion for leveraging technology to advance health care solutions. He was particularly proud to serve as a first-year representative for Thayer Council and to direct an independent study focused on product design. He enjoyed numerous recreational activities and simply grabbing coffee with friends.

Favorite place around campus: Ledyard Canoe Club

“Having the Connecticut River in our backyard was the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of classes. I shared endless laughs with friends and created unforgettable memories out on the water.”


Subomi Gbotosho
(Photo courtesy of Subomi Gbotosho) 

Oreoluwasubomi Gbotosho, Thayer ’24 

Hometown: Osun, Nigeria 

Degree: Master of Engineering Management, Product Management/ Entrepreneurship Concentration

Subomi Gbotosho earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Covenant University in 2020. He decided to make a career switch into product management and chose the Dartmouth Master of Engineering Management program because of its inclusivity, intimate class size, and exceptional faculty. During his time in the MEM program, he won the prestigious Conrades Fellowship Scholarship Award with his idea, “Dime,” an automated personal finance platform designed to help Nigerians manage their finances effectively. He is excited about startups, entrepreneurship, and the venture capital landscape. While growing his interest in these areas, he has started his tech journey by joining Dell EMC as a product manager.

Favorite place around campus: Thayer Machine Shop

“I worked in the machine shop throughout my time at Dartmouth, helping rebuild their website and improve their brand within the engineering school. I consider it one of the most interesting projects I have worked on. More importantly, I have many fond memories with the faculty, staff, and students there. I made lifelong friendships and enjoyed working with the entire team because of their intentional focus on learning, genuine love for students, and emphasis on having fun while learning. I believe the passion in the machine shop is contagious and helped cultivate an atmosphere for exceptional work.”


Ansh Gupta
(Photo courtesy of Ansh Gupta)  

Ansh Gupta, Guarini ’24 

Hometown: Ahmedabad, India 

Degree: Master of Science in Quantitative Biomedical Sciences

Motivated to revolutionize health care with artificial intelligence and data science, Ansh Gupta joined Dartmouth’s master’s program in quantitative biomedical sciences. He sees tremendous opportunity in patient diagnosis, pandemic prevention, protein and neuron mapping, and health insurance. Gupta proactively led peers to secure internships, jobs, and research positions by conducting workshops and sharing strategies. He landed internships at Amazon, LinkedIn, and Walmart and now works at Blue Health Intelligence (Blue Cross Blue Shield) as an early/founding member of their Generative AI Team.

Favorite place around campus: One Wheelock in the Collis Center

“My favorite place on campus is One Wheelock. I love the vibe of the place—music and hot chocolate. It’s the perfect spot to hang out with people and get some work done on the side.”


Julia Huddy
(Photo courtesy of Julia Huddy) 

Julia Huddy, Thayer ’24

Hometown: Newtown, Pa.

Degree: PhD in Engineering Sciences

In addition to her research in solar energy, Julia Huddy has spent her time at Dartmouth as an undergraduate mentor, community partner, and student leader. She is passionate about building community and has fostered connections at Dartmouth through her time spent serving on Thayer’s Graduate Student Council and volunteering at the Montshire Museum in Norwich, Vt.

Favorite place around campus: Sorbaro Terrace

“I love the terrace behind the Class of 1982 Engineering and Computer Science Center. It’s a quiet little place with lots of sunshine, perfect for getting some work done on a nice day or breaking up long experiments with lunch outside.”


Caroline Kramer
(Photo by Katie Lenhart) 

Caroline Kramer ’24

Hometown: Los Altos Hills, Calif.

Major: Government

Caroline Kramer experienced much of Dartmouth through her camera lens as the photo editor for The Dartmouth, a photographer for the Rockefeller Center, and a freelance portrait photographer. She also spent time in various leadership roles, such as the vice president of Alpha Phi and the head of marketing for Fort, a student-run mental health nonprofit. As the student assistant for the Dartmouth Leadership Attitudes and Behaviors program, Kramer helped to shape future leaders at Dartmouth. After graduation, she will be doing health care policy research in Washington, D.C.

Favorite place around campus: The photo desk of The Dartmouth

“Throughout senior year, I spent many evenings reflecting and watching the sunset from the photo desk in The Dartmouth offices—the very desk I fell in love with when I toured Dartmouth as a high schooler. I’ve sat there on so many nights of production, laughing with the rest of directorate, editing images, and brainstorming upcoming visual essays.”


Denva Nesbeth Jr.
(Photo by Katie Lenhart) 

Denva Nesbeth Jr. ’24

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Major: Mathematical Data Science, minors in Film and Media Studies and African and African-American Studies

Denva Nesbeth Jr. served as vice president of the National Society of Black Engineers and as the educational chair of the Men of Color Alliance. He spent time as a research assistant at the Augmented Health Lab as well as pursuing his passion of music production by releasing instrumental albums on all streaming platforms, amassing over 16,000 streams. Notably, he’s released an instrumental album series called In The Stacks, which was inspired by Dartmouth Libraries. 

Favorite place around campus: The Shabazz Center for Intellectual Inquiry and the OPAL Suite in Collis.

“As I reflect on my time at Dartmouth, I have fond memories of being in Shabazz and the OPAL suite, hanging out with friends, studying and completing assignments, attending events, and the wonderful connections I cultivated in those spaces.”


Edmund Ong
(Photo courtesy of Edmund Ong) 

Edmund Ong, Tuck ’24

Hometown: Singapore

Degree: MBA

Hailing from Singapore, Edmund Ong made his way to Hanover to join Tuck’s tight-knit community. He loved the immersive MBA experience, and the program’s ethos of humility, curiosity, and vulnerability. At Tuck, he distinguished himself as a Revers Fellow, co-chair for Admitted Students Weekend, and president of the Student Board. His passion extended beyond the classroom to the ice, where he skated on as the ‘Edsterminator’ in Tripod. Post-Tuck, he will join Morgan Stanley’s investment banking division in New York.

Favorite place around campus: Stell Hall at Tuck

“Stell Hall is the vibrant epicenter of Tuck. It sits at the crossroads of faculty and staff offices, MBA student dorms, and our classrooms. It’s a great place to study, connect with peers, and wind down with Tucktails at the end of the week.”


Kiara Ortiz Segura
(Photo by Katie Lenhart) 

Kiara T. Ortiz Segura ’24

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.

Major: Neuroscience, minor in public policy 

As student body vice president, Kiara Ortiz Segura spearheaded initiatives like free laundry, bus tickets for high-need students, and defending freedom of expression and dissent. As co-moderator of Palaeopitus, she bridged gaps between students and faculty to enhance the academic atmosphere. Passionate about health care, she completed comprehensive health policy research and worked two years as an ophthalmic assistant at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Involved with the Latine and Caribbean Council and QuestBridge, Ortiz Segura fosters inclusive environments and always ensures diverse voices are heard.

Favorite place around campus: Collis

“Whether it’s visiting OPAL, losing every game of Collis After Dark bingo, building advocacy projects in the Dartmouth Student Government office, or simply saying hello to people passing by the info desk, Collis has provided me with a diverse, welcoming space to engage with and interact with my communities.”


Samantha Palermo
(Photo by Katie Lenhart) 

Samantha Palermo ’24

Hometown: Lincoln, Neb.

Major: Neuroscience and Religion double major

Samantha Palermo served as Dartmouth Outing Club president, and she led climbing, hiking, camping, backpacking, and paddling trips during her time at Dartmouth. She also danced with Street Soul, a student-led hip hop group. Palermo has a passion for building community, and that is reflected in her work with the Dartmouth Center for Social Impact and the First Generation Office. Palermo is also dedicated to cross-cultural collaboration, and she received a Fulbright Scholarship to teach English in Argentina after graduation.

Favorite place around campus: The Dartmouth Climbing Gym

“The Dartmouth Climbing Gym is the best basement I have ever set foot in, and honestly, it’s probably the best basement I will ever enter. The climbing gym is where I learned how to climb, taught countless others how to climb, and made friendships that will last well beyond my time at Dartmouth. I couldn’t be more grateful for this space on campus.”


Chloe Park
(Photo courtesy of Chloe Park) 

Chloe Park ’24

Hometown: Belmont, Mass.

Major: Biology and Spanish

Chloe Park’s Dartmouth experience is defined by the special communities she is grateful to have been a part of. Her dedication to improving these spaces led her to be a trip leader trainer for First-Year Trips and the senior coordinator for the Women in Science Program. Her curiosity has driven her to study abroad in Buenos Aires and Berlin, and pursue a biology thesis. She also enjoyed her time as a biology learning fellow and Spanish drill instructor.

Favorite place around campus: Occom Pond 

“Woccoms were an integral part of the Class of 2024’s freshman year, and have continued to play a strong role in my relationships and in creating moments of reflection. Whether it was running, walking, roller-blading, polar-plunging or ice-skating, I have incredibly fond memories of this special place.”


Abhi Saxena
(Photo by Katie Lenhart) 

Abhishek Saxena, MPH ’24

Hometown: Bridgewater, N.J.

Degree: Master of Public Health, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

Abhi Saxena one day aspires to be a physician. With the guidance from faculty and peers, Saxena has gained invaluable experiences and a better understanding of how to address health inequities. During his time at Dartmouth, Saxena has organized an infant toy drive to help support the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth and has also worked on a project to increase continuous glucose monitor reimbursement rates and diabetes awareness for the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester Primary Care Clinic. These experiences, along with insightful learning from program courses, has provided Saxena with foundational tools to one day become a physician who will fight for health equity. 

Favorite place around campus: Tacos Y Tequila 

“Tacos Y Tequila was practically a second home for my friends and me during this school year. Every Tuesday, which was later coined as TYT Tuesday, my peers and I found ourselves debriefing the week’s eventful moments over a couple of tacos and many good laughs. While this may seem like just an ordinary lunch to most, to us TYT Tuesday was a sanctuary away from the classroom that fostered life-long friendships.”


Rebecca Valls
(Photo courtesy of Rebecca Valls) 

Rebecca A. Valls, Guarini ’24

Hometown: Miami, Fla.

Degree: PhD, Microbiology and Immunology 

Rebecca Valls joined the O’Toole Lab to study the gut microbiome’s impact on health. Through the PhD Innovation Program, she aimed to bridge the gap between the bench and the clinic. She hopes she has made Dartmouth more welcoming and engaging, and increased Hispanic women’s representation in STEM. She and her husband have recently purchased a fixer-upper home with a beautiful backyard that she works on when she’s not in the lab, working on her startup, or hiking.

Favorite place around campus: Girl Brook Circuit Trail

“My favorite place on campus is a trail starting by the DOC House and Occom Pond—the Girl Brook Circuit. I’ve explored these trails many times, alone or with friends and colleagues, to clear my head or discuss science. These trails bring me peace, perspective, and the opportunity to meet a cute doggo or two.”


James Washington Jr.
(Photo by Katie Lenhart) 

James Washington Jr., Guarini ’24

Hometown: Hanover, N.H.

Degree: Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, Creative Writing

Jim Washington is a first-generation college student with a second master of arts degree. A member of Dartmouth’s undergraduate admissions office since 2000, he speaks enthusiastically to high school students about the benefits of classroom diversity. MALS has been a great opportunity for him to see first-hand how the concept of diversity goes organic and delivers. While in the Upper Valley, Washington is a familiar face at poetry readings, and recently opted-in for adult swim lessons, embracing the idea that it’s never too late.

Favorite place around campus: Sanborn Library

“Sanborn is a place of academe blessed with rounded edges. Its wooden spiral staircases lead to cubicles, workspaces cushioned by old books. The English department hosts poets and writers of distinction there, with options for the audience to sit in various shaped chairs, all a lingering gift of comfort. Sanborn is down home.”

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