Sergi Elizalde

Associate Professor of Mathematics

HB 6188
B.A Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

S. Elizalde, “The X-class and almost-increasing permutations,” Ann. Comb. 15 (2011), 51-68.

S. Elizalde, “The number of permutations realized by a shift,” SIAM J. Discrete Math. 23 (2009), 765-786.

Amigo, J M, S Elizalde, and M B Kennel, “Forbidden Patterns and Shift Systems,” Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A , 115:3 (2008) 485-504.

Elizalde, S, “A Bijection Between 2-Triangulations and Pairs of Non-Crossing Dyck Paths,” Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A , 114:8 (2007) 1481-1503.

Elizalde, S, and K Woods, “Bounds on the Number of Inference Functions of a Graphical Model,” Statistica Sinica , 17:4 (2007) 1395-1415.

Elizalde, S, and I Pak, “Bijections for Refined Restricted Permutations,” Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A , 105:2 (2004) 207-219.

Elizalde, S, and M Noy, “Consecutive Patterns in Permutations,” Advances in Applied Mathematics , 30 (2003) 110-125.