Diversity & Inclusion

Many cultures, one community. At Dartmouth, differences are embraced and ideas are challenged. Our diverse community of students, faculty, and staff come together to share perspectives, learn, and grow.

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Toward Equity

Toward Equity: Aligning Action and Accountability is a three-year strategic plan intended to unify Dartmouth’s institutional diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity

The Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity (IDE) creates partnerships with offices and individuals across the institution to provide resources that promote access, respect, and community for all.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences: Building a Culture of Inclusivity

A diverse and inclusive intellectual community is critical to exceptional education, scholarly innovation, and human creativity.

Geisel: Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement (DICE)

We are responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing diversity programs and executing our mission of promoting unity and respect within its community. DICE serves as an advisor to underrepresented students and student groups and works to support and ensure the success and retention of all minority students, faculty, and staff.

Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies: Diversity Initiatives

We believe that diversity is not only the inclusion of underrepresented groups (African American, Native American, Hispanic, Pacific Islanders, women, people of different ages and abilities, as well as first generation college graduates) in our student population, but, the practice of recruiting and retaining: supporting and acknowledging the differences and the commonalities of ourselves and the students from many countries from around the world that we serve.

Thayer: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

We are committed to building a welcoming and inclusive place to learn, live, and work, and we strive to incorporate diverse perspectives, experiences, and inquiry in our classrooms, labs, and offices.

Tuck: Diversity and Inclusion

Students, faculty, and staff bring a wide range of experiences and perspectives to Tuck’s collaborative community. This is a community that thrives when its members feel engaged with each other, with their work, and with the broader world.

Tuck’s commitment to diversity applies to the curriculum and to our educational approach. Our collective global mindset means that we value differences, encourage empathy towards the ideas and experiences of others, and educate leaders to successfully navigate the workforce of tomorrow while operating across different cultures, economies, and markets.