Majors and Minors

Define yourself. As a sophomore at Dartmouth, you’ll declare a major in an academic program that excites you intellectually. You can combine any of more than 60 majors with your pick of minors; fine-tune a major by adding studies from other departments and programs; or design a special major around your particular passion.

The Major

With or without a minor in another field, most majors call for between eight and 10 courses and a culminating project.

Degree Finder

Browse all undergraduate majors offered at Dartmouth.

Modified major

A modified major combines work in two subjects with emphasis on one—such as “economics modified with history”—to create a unified, coherent program of study.

Multiple majors

Students have the option to complete the requirements for two—or even three—distinct majors.

Special major

Special majors are student-designed programs of study involving two or more departments or programs and one to three terms of independent study or research.


When you add a minor to your academic portfolio, the options to tailor your studies to your interests are nearly limitless.

Plan your major

A concise guide to constructing and planning your Dartmouth program of study, provided by the Undergraduate Deans Office.

Courses and Calendars

Set your schedule. Dartmouth offers more than 2,100 undergraduate courses in the liberal arts.