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Students not only learn from top researchers, they also work alongside them, expanding their understanding of the world and making it a better place.

Our faculty, along with students, seek answers to pressing questions about climate change, cancer immunotherapy, social justice, and cybersecurity, among many other issues central to our time. The collaborative, high-impact solution of real-world problems is integral to our teacher-scholar model, enabling students’ hands-on engagement in the joys and challenges of discovery and creation.



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Our rank in the Ivy League according to the Nature Innovation Index for the long-term, real-world impact of our scholarly work.


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An R1 university, Dartmouth has been a member of the consortium of leading research institutions since 2019.

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Want to Help Animals? Here’s Where to Donate Your Money.

A story about the most effective charities to reduce animal suffering cites a 2019 study co-authored by Professor of Government Benjamin Valentino that found a strong connection between the recognition of human rights and animal rights.

Centers and Institutes

Our wide-ranging centers and institutes, hubs for innovation and excellence across the arts and sciences, connect our faculty and students to each other in multidisciplinary ways with real-world impacts.  

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Student stands in from of contemporary art at Dartmouth
Hood Museum of Art (Photo by Robert Gill)