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  • Valley News

    Dartmouth researchers are applauding N.H. state officials’ efforts to lower allowable arsenic levels in drinking water. Geisel epidemiologists say their work in the Toxic Metals Superfund Research Program supports reducing the arsenic limit.

  • Inside Higher Ed

    Dartmouth’s Roberto Rey Agudo writes that as educational tools, MOOCs, or massive open online courses should “resist the pull of global English.” And maybe MOOCs could help bridge the “notorious gap in language education” in the U.S., he says.

  • Newsweek

    Dartmouth’s Feng Fu and colleagues say “hysteresis” may help explain the movement. “Once people question the safety or effectiveness of a vaccine, it can be very difficult to get them to move beyond those negative associations,” Fu says.

  • PBS

    Jedidah Isler, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy, has an unusual job: She studies supermassive black holes in space, reports PBS. “She’s also one of the few black women in astrophysics and is trying to change that,” PBS says.

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