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  • Rediscovered Petroglyphs Highlight Local Native Heritage


    Dartmouth's Colin Calloway talks about his work dispelling the "myth of Native disappearance" in the region by tracing Abenaki families from colonial to present times in a story about the rediscovery of Abenaki petroglyphs in Brattleboro, Vt.

  • Egypt's Dictatorship Is Sitting on a Powder Keg

    The Washington Post

    "Only an end to the repression and a national reconciliation can achieve the elusive stability—and the deep reforms Egyptians need and deserve," writes Ezzedine Fishere, a visiting professor in Middle Eastern Studies, in an opinion piece.

  • Ubuntu Football: Alex van Schalkwyk ’23 on Embracing the Dream

    The Good Men Project

    Alex van Schalkwyk '23 talks about his journey from being a 12-year-old, soccer-crazed boy in South Africa to pursuing his soccer and educational dreams at Dartmouth. "Getting into Dartmouth is definitely a big highlight of my life," he says.

  • Top Pediatrician to Congress: Adolescents 'Do Not Stand a Chance' Against Juul


    In congressional testimony, Susanne Tanski, a Dartmouth pediatrics professor representing the American Academy of Pediatrics, said, "Adolescents simply do not stand a chance," against devices sold by the e-cigarette maker Juul, reports CNBC.

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