Dartmouth In The News

  • Scientists Are About to Spend a Year Trapped in Arctic Ice

    National Geographic

    Dartmouth's Donald Perovich will join an arctic research expedition that will take scientists into "some of the harshest conditions on Earth: polar night, complete darkness, heavy storms, and temperatures that can reach almost minus 50."

  • Why I Still Play Michael Jackson and R. Kelly for My Students

    The Chronicle of Higher Education

    One reason he occasionally plays disgraced artists's music, says Dartmouth's William Cheng, is that "there's strength in knowing our weaknesses. Music and musicians, as much as anything else, alert us to just how seductive and seducible people can be."

  • Meet Elisabeth Newton, Astronomy Professor, Discoverer of a New Planet


    Dartmouth's Elisabeth Newton talks about finding a new exoplanet about 900 trillion miles from Earth. When she and her team discovered the planet, "I was definitely excited," she says. "It's the first time I've ever found a planet before."

  • Teens With Illnesses Want Role in Decision-Making


    A new study "could help doctors understand that when they have teenagers who are becoming mature adults, they really need to talk to them as much, or maybe more, than they talk to their parents," says The Dartmouth Institute's Glyn Elwyn.

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