Dartmouth In The News

  • 'The Ambiguity Manifesto' by Dartmouth's Taylor Ho Bynum

    The Wall Street Journal

    In reviewing a new album from Dartmouth's Taylor Ho Bynum, a cornetist and the director of the Coast Jazz Orchestra, the reviewer writes, "For all its conceptual heft the music unfolds like a brilliant, oddball film full of memorable scenes."

  • Dartmouth's Cluster Hiring Move 'Key to Attracting Top Scholars'

    Times Higher Education

    President Philip J. Hanlon '77 says the cluster initiative, part of his vision for strengthening academic excellence at Dartmouth, helps hire and retain leading scholars, noting that "we're organizing the hire around some external challenge."

  • US Companies Walk Fine Line When Doing Business With China

    The New York Times

    In a story about Americans doing business with China, the paper turns to Tuck’s Paul Argenti, who says the U.S. must understand China. "It has a regime that doesn't look like the United States. We can pretend it is a democracy, but it's not."

  • Revamped Crew Scheduling Model Cuts Airline Delays by as Much as 30%


    "Our model can lead to significant overall benefits, fewer flight delays, more importantly fewer worst-case delays, fewer crew infeasibilities, and lower passenger delays and disruptions," says Thayer School of Engineering's Vikrant Vaze.

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