Dartmouth In The News

  • Understanding India’s Chilly Reception of Jeff Bezos

    Harvard Business Review

    Dartmouth's Vijay Govindarajan and co-authors say the response to the U.S. mogul is due in part to an unwillingness "to welcome a multinational that disrupts traditional businesses and does so ruthlessly with alleged unfair trading practices."

  • FDA Approves Drug for Acute Treatment of Migraine

    Neurology Today

    "The advantage of this drug and of its cousin (rimegepant) is the side effects are really minimal," says Geisel's Stewart Tepper, a professor of neurology, about ubrogepant, recently approved for the treatment of migraines.

  • The 'Hidden Consensus' for Affirmative Action

    Inside Higher Ed

    "The book's thesis is that students generally support affirmative action—both for admissions and for faculty hiring," says the website in a story about a new book by Dartmouth's John Carey and Yusaku Horiuchi and Stanford's Katherine Clayton '18.

  • Blacks, Jews, and the MLK Legacy: Two People's Shared History, and Today’s Tensions

    New York Daily News

    "What ugly forces are pitting us against each other, we who have shared so much?" writes Dartmouth's Susannah Heschel about blacks and Jews working together in the past, only to be torn apart by divisive aspects of contemporary culture.

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