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Dartmouth in the News

  • BusinessBecause

    Tuck’s Jennifer Dannals is listed as an MBA professor to watch. With a PhD in psychology, she focuses, in part, on “how startups can be structured to improve performance—significant insights for any aspiring entrepreneur,” writes the website.

  • BBC

    It’s easy to see the inspiration behind the tales of Dr. Seuss, aka Theodor Geisel, Class of ’25, in his hometown of Springfield, Mass., writes the BBC, noting that, “Seuss’ real genius was superimposing his surreal world over the real one.”

  • The New York Times

    Dartmouth’s Ethan Coffel and co-authors write that projected levels of extreme heat and humidity may put billions at risk by 2080. “It remains to be seen to what extent society can adapt to frequent, unprecedented heat stress,” they write.

  • Australian Broadcasting Company

    Dartmouth’s Jay Buckey, a former astronaut, talks about collaborating with Australia’s Antarctic Division to study virtual reality’s mental health benefits under conditions of isolation like those faced by astronauts going to Mars.

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