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  • The Right’s 'Judeo-Christian' Fixation

    The New Republic

    Historian Udi Greenberg reviews a new book on the problematic—and relatively recent—origins of the term "Judeo-Christian," and discusses "how easily inclusive language can be mobilized for anti-egalitarian purposes."

  • High School Students Do Research in Greenland

    Yale Climate Connections

    "It really sparked an interest that I knew that I had before, but seeing some of that science in action really, really inspired me," says Alana Macken '23 about studying in Greenland with the Dartmouth-coordinated Joint Science Education Program.

  • Drugs That Increase Fracture Risk in Elderly Identified in New Study

    Specialty Medical Dialogues

    Dartmouth's Rebecca Emeny, the new study's lead author, says older adults consume, on average, five medications at a time, and she and fellow researchers suspected that many of them use fracture-associated drugs, the most common being opioids.

  • Peter Orner's 'Maggie Brown and Others' on Oprah's Best Books of 2019 List

    Oprah Magazine

    Professor Peter Orner's book is No. 2 on Oprah Winfrey's "Best Books of 2019" list. "Orner brings grace and vigor to the short-story form in a preeminent collection, earning a place alongside Carver and Munro," writes the magazine.

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