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  • Black Enterprise

    In a story about startups, the writer turns for comment to Dartmouth’s Sydney Finkelstein, who says “superbosses” become successful by creating “industrywide networks of people who have worked for them so that they’re always well-connected.”

  • Seven Days

    “If this is the stuff of sleepless nights, it is as beautiful and elusive as dreaming itself,” writes a reviewer of Senior Lecturer in Studio Art Gerald Auten’s new show, which reflects “a fertile mind and the exacting pursuit of a vision.”

  • Harvard Business Review

    Tuck’s Sydney Finkelstein studied the late comic book legend for his book on superbosses. “Through spotting, nurturing, and developing talent, superbosses—like comic book superheroes—have an outsized impact,” Finkelstein writes.

  • Nature

    As American Schools of Oriental Research members seek a new name for the organization, Dartmouth’s Susan Ackerman, the society’s president, says just one part of the title passes muster: “ ‘Research’ works for us. We do do research,” she says.

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