Dartmouth In The News

  • The Myth and Magic of Generating New Ideas

    The New Yorker

    "Maybe it's the endorphins, or maybe it's refocusing my attention on some other activity which enables a new idea," writes Dartmouth's Dan Rockmore in an opinion piece in which he explores various ways he and others come up with new ideas.

  • Joining the AAU Will Change Campus in These Three Ways

    The Chronicle of Higher Education

    Joining the Association of American Universities, which Dartmouth has done, is "not only about the prestige … for people who work inside higher education, being in the AAU is a shorthand for excellence in knowledge production," says the paper.

  • What's It Like To Be a Person Of Color in Rural New England? Basically Invisible


    "The idea of misrecognition describes the common feelings my interviewees expressed of feeling unseen, invalidated, and unworthy in their social interactions in the community," writes Dartmouth's Emily Walton in a column about her research.

  • Brazil's Flat Earthers to Get Their Day in the Sun

    The Guardian

    Characterizing the resurgence of the flat Earth movement in Brazil as "very sad," Dartmouth's Marcelo Gleiser says, "We're living in very strange times. The idea of being popular for being outrageous is coming from the leadership."

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