Undergraduate Arts & Sciences

The Arts and Sciences consist of more than 40 academic departments and programs; top majors among 2020 graduates were economics, government, computer science, engineering sciences, and biology. The Arts and Sciences have 420 tenured and tenure-track faculty members and are among the leaders in the Ivy League in the percentage of tenured women.

A Flexible Study Plan

Pick a term, any term. With Dartmouth’s distinctive year-round system, you customize your own academic calendar. Dartmouth offers four 10-week terms per year; within some guidelines, you choose which 12 terms to enroll. The result: the ability to take full advantage of all Dartmouth has to offer, no matter the season.

Colt 22 Renaissance Literature class learning outside. Prof Laguardia
Aerial view of Dartmouth Hall during a fall sunset
Courses and Calendars

Set your schedule. Dartmouth offers more than 2,100 undergraduate courses in the liberal arts.

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Dartmouth is where you learn to think and imagine and do, where you build the resources to transform the world while transforming yourself.

A Plan for Everyone

No matter what your major, and whatever engages you outside the classroom, the D-Plan’s flexibility means you don’t have to choose between your on-campus commitments and the opportunity to work, study, or serve off-campus and abroad.

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Your D-Plan is your personal enrollment pattern, your own mix of academic terms in residence, enrolled off-campus, and on leave.

Students on an Earth Sciences FSP in Arches National Park, Utah
Leave-term Learning

Use the entire year to your advantage—gain work experience in an internship, volunteer on a service project, or conduct field research. A number of Dartmouth programs even offer funding for leave-term opportunities.

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Off-Campus Programs

Take your education on the road with Dartmouth’s extensive selection of language and topic-focused programs around the world.

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Dartmouth in Summer

A term of your own. Thanks to Dartmouth’s distinctive D-Plan, as a rising junior you’ll be on campus together with your entire class taking a full slate of courses the summer following your sophomore year.