Sergi Elizalde

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of Mathematics
East Wheelock House Professor

332 Kemeny Hall
HB 6188
B.A Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

On rotated Schur-positive sets (with Y. Roichman), J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 152 (2017), 121-137.

Character formulas and descents for the hyperoctahedral group (with  R. AdinC. Athanasiadis and Y. Roichman), Adv. in Appl. Math. 87 (2017), 128-169.

The structure of the consecutive pattern poset (with P. McNamara), Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN 2017, doi:10.1093/imrn/rnw293.

Statistics on bargraphs viewed as cornerless Motzkin paths (with E. Deutsch), Discrete Appl. Math. 221 (2017), 54-66.

Two descent statistics over 321-avoiding centrosymmetric involutions (with M. BarnabeiF. Bonetti and M. Silimbani), Electron. J. Combin. 23 (2016), #P1.35.

Schur-positive sets of permutations via products of grid classes (with Y. Roichman), J. Algebraic Combin. 45 (2017), 363-405.

Symmetries of statistics on lattice paths between two boundaries (with  M. Rubey), Adv. Math. 287 (2016), 347-388.

Dynamics of tumor heterogeneity derived from clonal karyotypic evolution (with A. Laughney, S. Bakhoum and G. Genovese), Cell Rep. 12 (2015), 809-820.

Bijections for pairs of non-crossing lattice paths and walks in the plane, European J. Combin. 49 (2015), 25-41.

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