The Beginnings of Dartmouth’s Organic Farm


Each year the farm grows more than 2000 pounds of diverse, fresh, tasty, organic produce.

Student group at the O farm
From left; Justin Rendahl, David O’Brien, Christian Kull, Jennifer Jenkins, John Decker, Steve Sloan, Colin J. High. (Photo by Stuart Bratesman, courtesy of the Dartmouth Library)

The Dartmouth Organic Farm came from an idea planted by students in the late 1980s as part of a class project for an Environmental Studies Program course, ENVS 50, “Environmental Policy Formation.” Students in the 1990s nourished the idea into a fledgling organic garden that brought in its first harvest in 1996. Since then, the O Farm has grown into a hub for hands-on learning at Dartmouth. It is home to an educational working garden, faculty and student research, independent projects, labs, classes, a stunning landscape that serves as a backdrop for all social events, and an ecosystem that engages students in learning about sustainable food and energy systems.

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