All access. Dartmouth works to ensure that programs, services, and activities are accessible to all. Disabilities are not considered in admission or employment decisions, and inquiries about accessibility assistance are welcomed.


Institutional Diversity and Equity

Provides resources and creates partnerships across the institution that promote an accessible and inclusive working environment.
Contact: Kelly Cusick, Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Program Manager
(603) 646-3197 |

Student Accessibility Services

The Student Accessibility Services office supports current and prospective undergraduate students.
Contact: (603) 646-9900 |

Geisel School of Medicine

The Geisel School of Medicine assists medical students with special accessibility and learning needs.
Contact: William H. Eidtson, Director of Learning Support and Student Accessibility Services
(603) 650-1125 | 

Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies

Accessibility contact: Gary Hutchins,
 assistant dean of Graduate Studies
(603) 646-2107 |

Thayer School of Engineering

Thayer provides accessibility support so that all students may achieve their academic potential.
Contact: Dartmouth Student Accessibility Services or Holly Wilkinson, assistant dean for academic and student affairs
(603) 646-3483 |

Tuck School of Business

Accessibility contact: Sally Jaeger, assistant dean
(603) 646-2190 |

The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

Accessibility contact: Courtney Theroux
(603) 650-1530 |

Website Accessibility Concerns

If you encounter any accessibility issues with a Dartmouth Website please contact us using our Site or Accessibility Feedback Form.