Dartmouth Dialogues

At Dartmouth, we’re strengthening a culture in which community members engage in respectful discussion across differences and feel comfortable having their views challenged. Dartmouth Dialogues is our shared commitment to expanding programming across the institution dedicated to facilitating conversations and skills that bridge political and personal divides. Listening to—and including—a diversity of ideological perspectives fosters learning, community, and innovation. Solving the world’s most pressing challenges hinges on our ability to understand and discuss viewpoints different from our own. Read the story.

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Dialogue Project

We’re providing intentional training in the development of essential collaborative dialogue skills and fostering a community that cultivates the respectful and open exchange of ideas for students, faculty, and staff.

Dartmouth professors discuss the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas
Middle East Dialogues

The Middle East Dialogues represents the Dialogue Project’s first special topic series, encompassing courses and events related to timely topics. Dartmouth’s interdisciplinary programs in Jewish Studies and Middle Eastern Studies have a longstanding commitment to fostering dialogue, community, and joint academic inquiry.

Dartmouth Dialogues
Dartmouth Dialogues Events

Through a wide range of events, webinars, training, and practice at our schools, centers, departments, and divisions, Dartmouth will generate powerful and lasting outcomes.

Samantha Palermo and Malcolm Mahoney
One Small Step by StoryCorps

StoryCorps’ mission is to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world.

Dean Phillips
Rockefeller Center Path to the Presidency

The Rockefeller Center hosts 2024 presidential candidates from across the political spectrum. During community events, meet-and-greets, and private dinners, students participate actively in the political process, fostering dialogue on campus and beyond.

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Polarization Research Lab

The lab is a research group and resource hub dedicated to applying science to the study of polarization and democracy. Founded by researchers at Dartmouth, Stanford, and the University of Pennsylvania, the lab advances the study of partisan animosity by collecting data, testing new ideas through rigorous science, and sharing the data and findings.

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The Dickey Center

For over forty years the Dickey Center for International Understanding has carried on the legacy of President John Sloan Dickey, facilitating intercultural conversations and bridging divides with a global perspective.

Liz Cheney speaking from the podium
Dartmouth Political Union

The Dartmouth Political Union is a nonpartisan, student-led organization that promotes open discourse by hosting speakers from across the political spectrum, holding student and expert debates, and organizing campus-wide discussions on political issues. Encouraging dialogue across differences, the DPU engages students on issues of societal importance.

Tuck students
Ground Rules for Navigating Difficult Conversations

Since 2020, Tuck has been teaching first-year MBA students six principles for how to navigate difficult conversations in the classroom and with colleagues.

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Creating a Brave Environment

Dartmouth Dialogues puts a renewed focus on our ability to think critically, to question, to probe, and reflect, rather than follow a predetermined ideology. The initiative will expands our capacity to cultivate these talents for our campus community, which as never been more important than it is today.

Education secretary and President Beilock in student roundtable
Dialogues: A Look at Past Events

See Dartmouth News coverage of past Dartmouth Dialogue events and programs.

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Political Economy Project

The project combines interdisciplinary perspectives on the relationship between economics, politics, and ethics. It addresses some of the knottiest dilemmas facing human societies: between freedom and fairness, equality and prosperity, markets and governments.

Abortion-rights rally on the Dartmouth Green Friday
Dartmouth Freedom of Expression and Dissent Policy

Dartmouth prizes and defends the right of free speech and the freedom of the individual to make their own disclosures, while at the same time recognizing that such freedom exists in the context of the law and in responsibility for one’s own actions.

Surgeons general gather for a panel at Dartmouth
Conferences and Events

The Conferences and Events office is an event-planning and facilitation resource for event organizers. We are a one-stop-shop, providing services for room booking, event work order requests, furniture and space rental contracts, video arrangements, and coordination with Hanover town offices and with vendors.