Strategic Budget Reduction and Investment Projects Are Underway


Work on Dartmouth’s institution-wide Strategic Budget Reduction and Investment (SBRI) process continues, with more than two dozen cross-divisional SBRI projects in progress. These projects examine functions to identify opportunities for savings, efficiencies, and revenue, as well as areas for investment.

The Program Management Team (PMT) and Administrative Restructuring Team are supporting and overseeing cross-divisional projects within the SBRI effort. Projects fall into the areas of compensation and benefits, administrative restructuring, revenue generation, facilities and auxiliaries, and procurement policies and vendor contracts.


Strategic Budget Reduction and Investment Process Organizational Chart

“These projects are looking at ways to be effective and efficient,” says Lisa Celone, director of operations management and PMT chair. “Dartmouth should continually adjust administrative processes to reflect best business practices. Our administrative work has to be running smoothly to maximize the number of Dartmouth’s resources that are directed to the core mission of academic learning and research.”

The SBRI projects are being directly informed by suggestions from the Dartmouth community. As of January 25, more than 1,200 suggestions had been made. “The PMT reviews every one of them,” says Celone. “We also share the suggestions with relevant projects or divisions. If a suggestion might warrant a new project, we send it to the Budget Committee for review.”

The SBRI projects will be presented to President Jim Yong Kim and the Budget Committee. The committee is led by Carol Folt, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and acting provost, and Steven Kadish, senior vice president.

“This is a complex, collective effort requiring the work of many faculty, staff, and students,” say Folt and Kadish. “Whether you serve on a committee or have made a suggestion, we thank you for your contribution.”

Sarah Memmi