Dartmouth Ranks #2 in PayScale Survey


Dartmouth College ranks second nationally in the mid-career median salary category PayScale’s 2010 College Salary Report released recently.

Tying with Princeton, both Ivies have graduates who earn $123,000 mid-career median salary.

Mid-career is defined as full-time employees with at least 10 years of experience in their career or field who hold a bachelor’s degree and no higher degrees. For the graduates in this data set, the typical (median) mid-career employee is 42 years old and has 15 years of experience.

The report, which analyzes the company’s database of over 23 million unique compensation profiles, offers a view on the relationship between college selection and both starting and mid-career salaries.

“This report re-confirms the quality and vigor of a liberal arts education here at Dartmouth, and the enduring benefit of such preparation, even in the most difficult of economic times,” said Monica Wilson, acting co-director of Dartmouth’s Undergraduate Career Services. “The long term impact of and for Dartmouth talent continues to remain impressive.”

Previously, Dartmouth ranked number one in this category for two consecutive years; this year, Harvey Mudd College of Claremont, Calif., has the top spot.

The PayScale 2010 College Salary Report breaks down over 2,500 data points, including salary data for 125 bachelor’s degree majors and from 999 U.S. based undergraduate colleges and universities.

Latarsha Gatlin