Lipson Elected to Leadership Role American Physical Society



Chemistry Professor Jane Lipson will chair the Polymer Physics Division of the American Chemical Society (photo by Joseph Mehling ’69)

Jane Lipson, the Albert W. Smith Professor of Chemistry, was recently elected by the Polymer Physics Division of the American Physical Society (APS) as chair-elect. She will serve as chair-elect through March 2011, and will then serve as chair of the division until March 2012. As part of the position, she will participate in APS Capitol Hill visits to lobby for the physical sciences. “By being articulate spokepersons, we have the opportunity to make clear, hopefully in a compelling way, that the advances so critical in creating the age of technological wonders in which we live depend on dedicated financial support that only the federal government has the resources and vision to provide,” says Lipson. “I was honored to have been nominated to run for the position, and am excited to have been elected.”

By Elizabeth Kelsey

Office of Communications