Susannah Heschel Receives Honorary Degree from Trinity College



Professor Susannah Heschel received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Trinity College, her undergraduate alma mater. (photo by Joseph Mehling ’69)

Susannah Heschel, professor of religion and the Eli Black Professor of Jewish Studies, was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Trinity College this spring. Heschel, who received her undergraduate degree from Trinity, says, “I was deeply moved to receive an honorary doctorate from my alma mater. My studies in Religion at Trinity College shaped my intellectual interests to the present day. I took courses in Hebrew Bible and New Testament that sparked my curiosity about the history of biblical scholarship, the topic of two of my books. The high quality of teaching at Trinity, combined with the warmth and attentiveness of my professors, made me want to be a college professor.”

By Elizabeth Kelsey

Office of Communications