August 2010 Research Awards


[[{“type”:“media”,“view_mode”:“media_large”,“fid”:“”,“attributes”:{“class”:“media-image alignright size-full wp-image-4037”,“typeof”:“foaf:Image”,“style”:“”,“width”:“100”,“height”:“100”,“alt”:“OSP logo”}}]]Dartmouth researchers were awarded $18.6 million during August, including $7.5 million in new and competing awards. Among the recipients of recent new and competing grants, as reported by the Office of Sponsored Projects:

Baker, Ian — Thayer School of Engineering, D. Cole — Material Science & Mechanical EngineeringNational Science Foundation Strain-Induced Fabric Development in Ice Under Hydrostatic Pressure 3-Year Project

Bartels, Stephen — PsychiatryVeterans Administration Beth Harwood IPA with VA

Bickel, Sharon, A. Gladfelter, G. Schaller, R. Sloboda — Biological SciencesNational Science Foundation ARRA:MRI-R^2: Acquisition of Nikon A1RSi Confocal Microscope with Hybrid Scanner and Spectral Unmixing 3-Year Project

Bomberger, Jennifer — PhysiologyNational Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Polymicrobial Interactions in the Lung 2-Year Project

Bond, Gary — PsychiatryUniversity of Massachusetts Medical Center Adapting Evidence-Based Supported Employment for Transition Age Youth

Bond, Gary — PsychiatryUniversity of Texas at San Antonio Sustaining Public Academic Research Collaborations

Buckey, Jay — MedicineCreare, Inc. Non-Invasive Bubble Detections in Tissue

Buckey, Jay — MedicineNational Space Biomedical Research Institute A Multimedia Computer-Based, Self-Directed, Autonomous, Stress and Anxiety Management Countermeasure

Campbell, Andrew, T. Choudhury — Computer Science, R. Raizada — William H. Neukom Institute for Computational ScienceNational Science Foundation EAGER: Brain-Mobile Interfaces: Exploratory Research into the Development of Networked NeuralPhones 2-Year Project

Chang, Ta Yuan — BiochemistryNational Institute on Aging Cholesterol and Sphingolipid Metabolism in Alzheimer’s Disease 5-Year Project

Feng, Xiahong, E. Posmentier — Earth SciencesNational Science Foundation Collaborative Research: A Pan-Arctic, Storm-by-storm Isotopic Investigation of the Influence of Arctic Sea Ice on Precipitation - A Crucial Link in the Coupled Climate System 3-Year Project

Gibbons, Frederick — Psychological and Brain SciencesUniversity of Missouri Impact of Mortality Concerns on Cancer Risk Behavior

Glueck, David — ChemistryNational Science Foundation Metal-Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis of P-Stereogenic Phosphines 3-Year Project

Griswold, Karl — Thayer School of EngineeringWallace H. Coulter Foundation Genetically Engineered Lysozyme for Treatment of Pulmonary Infections 2-Year Project

Hudson, Mary — Physics & AstronomyUniversity of New Hampshire Radiation Belt Storm Probes - Energetic Particle, Composition, and Thermal Plasma (RBSP-ECT) 2-Year Project

Kaplan, Lawrence, J. Modlin — PediatricsState of Vermont Vermont Dept of Health CSHN

Kotz, David — Computer Science, D. Anthony — SociologyUniversity of Illinois Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects on Security (SHARPS)

Kress, Brian — Physics & AstronomyNational Science Foundation Collaborative Research:  Modeling and Observations of the East-West Effect in Solar Energetic Particle Flux at Geosynchronous 3-Year Project

Lotko, William — Thayer School of EngineeringNational Science Foundation Causal Electron Precipitation in Geospace Weather: Model Development, Validation, Event Studies 3-Year Project

Lyon, John, B. Rogers — Physics & AstronomyNational Science Foundation Collaborative Research:  Reconnection in the Dayside Magnetosphere 3-Year Project

Magilligan, Francis — GeographyNational Science Foundation Quantifying the Geomorphic and Sedimentological Responses to Dam Removal

McGovern, Mark, J. Hamblen — Psychiatry, T. Stecker — Community & Family MedicineNational Institute on Drug Abuse Integrated CBT for Co-Occurring PTSD and Substance Use Disorders 4-Year Project

McGovern, Mark — PsychiatryWestat The Co-occurring Disorders Initiative (CODI)

McGurk, Susan — PsychiatryVinfen Cognitive Remediation and Supported Employment for Severe Mental Illness in a Community Based Setting

Mierke, Dale — Chemistry, M. Spaller — Pharmacology & ToxicologyBrown University Structure-Function Based Development of Virion Specific Antagonists for JCV-Induced PML

Olson, Ardis — PediatricsJohns Hopkins University Using Handheld Computers for Enhanced Mental Health Care in Primary Care

Ornstein, Deborah — MedicineUniversity of Massachusetts Hemophilia Comprehensive Care

Pogue, Brian — Biomedical EngineeringMassachusetts General Hospital An Online-Measurement and Model-Based Approach to PDT

Pomerance, Carl — MathematicsNational Science Foundation Topics in Number Theory 3-Year Project

Rzucidlo, Eva — SurgeryYale University Effects of Second Hand Cigarette Smoke Exposure on Adiponectin, mTOR and Vascular Disease

Santos, Eugene, G. Cybenko — Thayer School of Engineering, P. Thompson — Computer ScienceDept. of Defense, Intelligence Advanced Reserach Projects Activity Dartmouth Metalearning Working Group

Schulson, Erland — Thayer School of EngineeringNational Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Development of a Thermodynamic Sea Ice Model with Resolved Melt Ponds for Use in Linking Climate Model Parameterizations with Field Data

Shubitidze, Fridon — Thayer School of EngineeringDept of Defense, US Army Corps of Engineers EMI Modeling for UXO Detection and Discrimination Underwater 4-Year Project

Sloboda, Roger — Biological SciencesHoward Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Science Education 2010: Core 4-Year Project

Splaine, Mark, P. Batalden — The Dartmouth Inst. for Health Policy & Clinical Practice, K. Shannon — Community & Family MedicineJohn Snow Inc. Improving the Performance of Routine Immunization Systems in Africa (ARISE) 2-Year Project

Staiger, Douglas — EconomicsRand Corporation Teacher Effectiveness Measurement Project Value-Added and Assessment Team Proposal 2-Year Project

Thorstensen, John — Physics & AstronomyNational Science Foundation Fundamental Astronomy of Cataclysmic Binaries 3-Year Project

Wishart, Heather — PsychiatryWashington Neuropsychology Research Group Comparison of Alemtuzumab (Campath®) and High Dose Interferon Beta-1a (Rebif®) Treatment on Cognition in Subjects with Relapsing Forms of MS 2-Year Project

Wright, Peter — PediatricsVanderbilt University Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholars Support Center at Vanderbilt-AAMC

Award commitment from the sponsoring agency is for a single year unless otherwise indicated.

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