Students Screen “Virtual Cinema” Work at Loew Theater


From an animated interpretation of E.E. Cummings’ poems to a film in which “World of Warcraft” players battle a dragon in Baker-Berry Library, a wide array of works will be shown at the Virtual Cinema Student Screening on August 25. Featuring projects created by undergraduates in Film and Media Studies 49: “Practicum in Digital Culture and New Media Technologies,” Professor Mary Flanagan says the films are examples of “machinima,” which she describes as “machine plus cinema, or virtual cinema.”

In Leah Nicolich-Henkin ’10’s film “Quest to a New World” a battle for powerful knowledge takes place in Baker Library.

“It’s an art form that’s been around for almost a decade—aspiring filmmakers make movies using computer game engines,” says Flanagan, holder of the Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professorship in Digital Humanities. “Using a computer game or virtual environment, one can integrate in-game elements as actors, sets, and scenes. There are seldom human actors used in the making of machinima. Primarily, these types of works feature 3-D characters who ‘act’ via manipulation by human game players. This emerging art form is a mix of puppetry and cinema, and has become a compelling way to make one’s very own ‘Avatar’ style of 3-D film.”

The event will be catered and is open to the public. Total screening time is around 45 minutes.

  • Virtual Cinema Student Screening
  • Wednesday, August 25, at 4:30 p.m.
  • Hopkins Center, Loew Theater
Bonnie Barber