Staff Snapshot: Tish Aldom


Tish Aldom, senior user support analyst in Computing Services

On the job: This month marks Patricia “Tish” Aldom’s 23rd year at the College, where she first worked in the Department of Psychiatry at Dartmouth Medical School doing administrative work. In July of 1996, Aldom joined Computing Services, where she provides desktop computer support to administrative departments, with the occasional shift in the student walk-in center. “Basically we try to help everyone at the College be efficient with their equipment, whether that’s cleaning a virus off their computer, getting mail on their phone, or teaching them shortcuts to use on their computer,” Aldom says. “I love it when someone I’m helping looks at me with that ‘ah-ha!’ look when I’ve shown them some simpler way to do something. I enjoy getting to know so many different people, learning about what they do here, and hopefully giving them the tools to make their job a little easier or at least get them back to work in a timely manner.”


Tish Aldom upgrades a computer in Dartmouth’s Office of Public Affairs. Aldom provides desktop support services to the College’s administrative departments. (photo by Joseph Mehling ’69)

Home and away: “I grew up in North Caldwell, New Jersey. My dad was a Dartmouth graduate, a member of the Class of 1945,” Aldom says. “I live in North Hartland, Vt., with a dog and two cats—who don’t all get along.” Aldom loves to travel—especially to warm destinations in winter: “Tropical islands are good!” She gardens, “mostly flowers, but I have been growing more vegetables the past few years. I like to start things from seed and get to play in the dirt a little in the winter.” Aldom also enjoys reading and is “pretty serious about watching the Patriots play.”

Fresh perspective: Last year, Aldom became involved with the Office of Pluralism and Leadership’s International Friendship Family Program. “I ‘adopted’ two graduate students from China. I’ve enjoyed getting to know them, showing them around the area but mostly seeing our world through their eyes. I like getting the perspective of people brought up in different cultures.”

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