Dartmouth Medical School Hosts Women’s Leadership Symposium


Dartmouth Medical School will host its LEAD (Leadership, Equality And Diversity) symposium October 28 and 29 to address the development of female leaders in the areas of medicine and science. The symposium will focus on the value of diversity in the workplace and is intended for an audience of both men and women.

The symposium features four visiting speakers: Dr. Joan Herbers, former dean of Ohio State’s College of Biological Sciences and president of the Association for Women in Science; Dr. Michele Cyr DMS ’79, the associate dean for academic affairs at Brown and a professor of medicine at Brown’s Warren Alpert Medical School; Dr. Susan Case, associate professor in both the Weatherhead School of Management and the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, both at Case Western Reserve University; and Dr. Diana Bilimoria, professor of organizational behavior at Weatherhead School of Management and the 2010 program chair of the Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division of the Academy of Management.

The symposium incorporates small group sessions and workshops to explore practical aspects of career advancement in areas in which women often lack the same resources as men. These sessions include basic workshops on resumes, graduate programs, and grant writing, as well as workshops devoted to “Differing Psychological Views on Career Development,” “Career Guilt,” and many other topics.

“This is the first attempt to include and cross disciplines, departments, and levels of people at Dartmouth to address issues related to women in science and medicine,” says Crissy Megli, the symposium’s organizer and an MD/PhD student at Dartmouth. “While nationwide there are groups and institutes focused on women in science and medicine that have resources for students as well as faculty from multiple disciplines, Dartmouth has never brought these groups together for this before. I think this should be a wonderful resource to start and stimulate discussions about these issues that affect people in multiple departments, multiple levels, and multiple disciplines.”

The symposium will be held on the main campus of Dartmouth Medical School. A full schedule of events is available on the LEAD symposium’s website.

Lauren Dowling