Staff Snapshot: Lenore Brown


Lenore Brown, registered nurse at Dick’s House

School nurse: Lenore Brown has worked as a nurse at Dick’s House since 1985. Her duties include triaging and assisting students with medical or counseling concerns and caring for students who have been admitted to the In-Patient Department, which she co-manages. A graduate of Northeastern University, Brown says, “I never anticipated that I would be working at a college, but I have had no regrets. I enjoy working with students because they are transitioning from adolescents to young adults. This is a major developmental milestone, and I like helping them to cross that bridge. Much of my day involves educating students about all aspects of their health.”


Lenore Brown,  a nurse at Dick’s House since 1985, enjoys “educating students about all aspects of their health.” (photo by Joseph Mehling ’69)

Rewarding work: “I have felt privileged to meet students from all over the world,” Brown says. “For some of these students, health care can be challenging because of language barriers and because our medical ideas are so different from those in their homeland. These students have guided me to be more culturally sensitive and competent.” Brown says she is also inspired by the inner strength of students who have chronic health concerns: “They persevere despite setbacks that occur. It is rewarding to support them and to watch them succeed.”

Modern medicine: Brown says the past academic year was her most interesting at Dick’s House because of her work on the Flu Consult Team: “I learned that because of modern technology, including students having cell phones and/or computers, we could help students with flu-like illness successfully while having them self-isolate in their dorm rooms. Many students recovered without ever coming to Dick’s House in person.”

Global citizen: Brown was born in Connecticut, but spent her early childhood in Japan and Germany, where her parents taught in military schools. “I became comfortable with diversity at a very young age. I have very fond memories of people and places abroad.”

Vermont life: Brown lives in Fairlee, Vt. with her husband and three sons. “I love to hike, snowshoe, read, and attend live theater productions,” she says. “I am passionate about cooking and baking. I grow many of my own vegetables and herbs, and shop at local farmers’ markets.”

Elizabeth Kelsey