Dartmouth Admits 444 to the Class of 2015 in Early Decision


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Dartmouth has admitted 444 students into the Class of 2015 from a pool of 1,759 early decision applicants. The students, who will comprise about 40 percent of the class, were notified via a secure website on the afternoon of December 10.

The applications for early decision rose 12 percent over last year and have increased 37 percent over the past five years. Students who have applied to Dartmouth as early decision applicants have agreed to attend the College if admitted.

“We’re thrilled that an increasing number of top high school students are making Dartmouth their number one choice,” says Maria Laskaris ’84, dean of Admissions and Financial Aid. “The applicant pool was especially strong, and the quality and potential of these accepted students is exceptional.”

Among the students who attend secondary schools that report rank, 25 percent are ranked first in their class, and 87 percent are ranked in the top 10 percent. The combined mean SAT I score is 2144.

Students admitted during the early round come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a range of talents and interests to the College. The group includes a 2010 Olympic gold medalist, the principal trumpet player for the Boston Youth Symphony, other highly recruited athletes and artists, and many students who have had a positive impact on their schools and communities through their engagements beyond the classroom.

Three students were accepted through Dartmouth’s new partnership with QuestBridge, a nonprofit organization that connects high-achieving, low-income students with colleges. Dartmouth will also welcome a participant in the Iraqi Student Project, which supports Iraqi students whose educations have been interrupted by violence.

The deadline for Dartmouth’s regular decision admissions applications is January 1, 2011.

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