Dartmouth Students Recognized by National Scholarship Programs


Two prestigious national fellowship programs have recognized Dartmouth students with honorable mentions in their 2011 competitions. Marissa Lynn ’13 and Jeremy Brouillet ’13 were honored by the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program. Giulia Siccardo ’12 was given an honorable mention in the Udall Scholarship program. “Both of these scholarships are very competitive nationally in their fields. We are very proud to have such strong and motivated Dartmouth students being rewarded for their research achievements and potential,” says Kristin O’Rourke, assistant dean for scholarship advising.

Goldwater Scholarship Honorable Mentions to Marissa Lynn ’13 and Jeremy Brouillet ’13

The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program, established by Congress in 1986, seeks to provide the United States with a continuing source of highly qualified scientists, mathematicians, and engineers by supporting college students who intend to pursue careers in these fields.

The Goldwater Foundation has recognized Marissa Lynn ’13 for her work towards a career in medical research. (photo by Joseph Mehling’69)

Lynn is a biology major from Bow, N.H. After graduation, she plans to pursue an MD/PhD in microbiology and virology. “I hope to become a research physician and work to develop new anti-viral medications for diseases such as smallpox, HIV, and hepatitis C,” says Lynn. “I want to understand how viruses cause diseases at both a cellular-molecular level and a systematic level. Along with bench research, I am interested in pursuing a teaching position at the university level.”

At Dartmouth, Lynn has taken part in the Women in Science Project (WISP); through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute-supported Dartmouth Undergraduate Science Education Program, she works with the research group of Dartmouth Medical School Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology Mark Spaller, taking part in the lab’s studies of the cellular behavior of biologically active molecules. Lynn is a member of the Dartmouth College Gospel Choir, and volunteers with the health care nonprofit MEDLIFE.

Says Lynn, “I think that my recognition is a testament to Dartmouth’s strength in science education and undergraduate research opportunities.” She continues, “I am honored by this recognition from the Goldwater program. I am fortunate to have benefited from Dartmouth’s world-class faculty, and am grateful for the mentorship I have received from my professors and research advisor.”

Engineering student Jeremy Brouillet ’13 has been honored by the Goldwater Foundation. (courtesy Jeremy Brouillet ’13)

Brouillet, who came to Dartmouth from Palo Alto, Calif., was awarded an honorable mention by the Goldwater program as well. He is a sophomore engineering physics major. Following graduation from Dartmouth, Brouillet plans to pursue a PhD in materials science. He foresees combining science and entrepreneurship, conducting research in photonics, and launching businesses to bring products based on his findings to market. Solar panels and optical computing are two areas which Brouillet anticipates exploring.

At Dartmouth, Brouillet has worked in the laser lab at Thayer School, chaired the Dartmouth Night bonfire build, and has worked on lighting design for a number of Department of Theater and Hopkins Center productions.

Brouillet points to his work in the project-based course “Introduction to Engineering” as an example of the ways the College gives him opportunities to excel:  he and his teammates chose to focus on improving the energy efficiency of theater lights. “The class gave us both the resources and the impetus to work on a complicated technical problem; we were able to improve the efficiency of a top-of-the-line commercial theater light.” He continues, “It is rewarding for me to be able to work on a meaningful project and produce work I can be proud of. I am glad that the effort I have put into engineering and research in the sciences has been recognized by the Goldwater Foundation, and that Dartmouth supported me in the fellowship application process.”

Udall Scholarship Honorable Mention to Giulia Siccardo ’12

Siccardo, an environmental studies and economics double major from Los Altos, Calif., has been recognized with a Udall Scholarship honorable mention by the Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation. Each year, the foundation awards about 80 scholarships and 50 honorable mentions on the basis of merit to sophomore and junior level college students who either intend to pursue careers related to the environment, or who intend to pursue careers in Native health care or tribal public policy and are Native American or Alaska Native.

Giulia Siccardo ’12 was recognized by the Udall Foundation for her commitment to the environment. (photo by Joseph Mehling’69)

Siccardo, who believes “implementing sustainable clean energy is a great challenge facing the planet,” aspires to work in “green” energy after Dartmouth. She looks to attend business school to learn the skills to grow and manage a company that will provide safe, affordable, and efficient energy alternatives. “I am honored to have been recognized by the Udall Foundation and look forward to pursuing this goal,” she says.

A James O. Freedman Presidential Scholar and a WISP participant, Siccardo is also the co-president and editor-in-chief of the undergraduate Dartmouth Business Journal. She has taken part in a number of research projects and internships related to energy efficiency, alternative energy, environmental justice, and other topics. Siccardo was invited to attend the 2010 International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability in Cuenca, Ecuador where she presented Dartmouth’s energy awareness program, Project GreenLite.

For more information on the Goldwater and Udall Scholarships, see Dartmouth’s National Scholarships/Fellowships website.

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