Learning Outcomes Project Names Demonstration Departments



The departments of Government, Psychological and Brain Sciences (PBS), Physics and Astronomy, and the program in Linguistics and Cognitive Science have been named Dartmouth-Teagle demonstration departments by the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL).

Departmental project leaders for 2011–12 are Professor of Government James Murphy; the Wentworth Professor of Government and department Chair John Carey; David Peterson, associate professor of linguistics; and Linguistics and Cognitive Science program Chair Ioana Chitoran, associate professor of linguistics and of French.

In 2012–13, team leaders will be Associate Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences David Bucci, PBS department Chair Professor Jay Hull, Professor of Physics and Astronomy Brian Chaboyer, and department Chair Professor Miles Blencowe.

With funding from the Teagle Foundation of New York and the assistance of DCAL, the chosen groups will each spend one year refining how they articulate expected learning outcomes for students in their majors, in addition to developing a simple and sustainable method of assessing how well their majors achieve those outcomes. Read more about the program in a story announcing the grant which supports it.

The four teams will meet once during their designated year with department leaders at Brown University. Brown is undertaking similar efforts with its Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning. The project co-leaders for the Dartmouth-Brown-Teagle initiative are Thomas Luxon, director of DCAL and professor of English; and Kathy Takayama, Sheridan Center director.

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