Youth From Nations in Conflict Bond on the Maine Seas (Maine Public Radio)


Recently highlighted in a story by Maine Public Radio, Seas of Peace is a new sailing program for Middle Eastern and American youth modeled on the successful Seeds of Peace summer camp, where teenagers from the world’s conflict zones come together to learn leadership skills and engage in discussions about how to work for peace back home.

The new program, which runs through July 31, was founded by by two enterprising young Dartmouth alumni, David Nutt ’09 of Edgecomb, Maine, and Monica Balanoff ’11 of Chicago, Ill., who both served as Seeds of Peace counselors in the past. They are supported by the Richard D. Lombard, ’53 Public Service Fellowship program at Dartmouth, which provides grants to “encourage and enable Dartmouth alumni to use their education to make a significant positive impact on society as well as to increase their awareness of the world in which they live.”


David Nutt ’09 and Monica Balanoff ’11 have started Seas of Peace, a new program teaching sailing to youths from zones conflict, supported by Lombard Fellowships from Dartmouth. (photo courtesy of David Nutt)

Listen to the story, which was broadcast Maine Public Radio on 07/12/11.

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