Dartmouth to Form Center for Biomedical Research (NHPR)


[[{“type”:“media”,“view_mode”:“media_large”,“fid”:null,“attributes”:{“class”:“media-image alignright size-full wp-image-12250”,“typeof”:“foaf:Image”,“style”:“”,“width”:“100”,“height”:“100”,“alt”:“NHPR”}}]]The National Institutes of Health has awarded scientists at Dartmouth Medical School an $11 million dollar grant to lead a new Center of Biomedical Research Excellence, reports New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR).

Jason Moore, the Third Century Professor of Genetics and Community and Family Medicine and associate director of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, told NHPR that investigators will examine how genes and the environment work together to cause or prevent human health and disease. “Our risk of disease is dependent both on the genes we inherit and the environments we expose ourselves to,” Moore says. “The diet, toxic metals exposure, and smoking … work with our genes to determine our risk.”

Listen to the whole story, which aired on NHPR on 08/22/11.

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