Filling The Void: The Death and Life of Trees (Valley News)


The Valley News commented on the recent removal of a large elm in front of Parkhurst Hall with a meditation on the loss of long-lived trees.


The Parkhurst elm, prior to its August 19, 2011, removal resulting from Dutch elm disease. (photo by Joseph Mehling ’69)

“Although it is too late to give a warm tree hug to the majestic Parkhurst elm on the Dartmouth College campus, join us in shedding a tear for its demise,” said the paper in an editorial.

“Many a homeowner in this part of the world has experienced the sadness that suffuses the death of magnificent trees, whether through disease or storm damage. ... When they go down, they leave a void in the psychological as well as the physical landscape.”

The tree was about 150 years old and predated the construction of Parkhurst Hall. It was a victim of Dutch elm disease and was removed on August 19, 2011, by the Town of Hanover.

Read the full editorial, published by the Valley News on 08/28/11.

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