Gone Over to the E-Book Side (Valley News)


Ernest Hebert is a Dartmouth English professor, a novelist, and now, a publisher—of his own e-book.


Ernest Hebert has published an e-book, called I Love U, available through Amazon. (photo by Medora Hebert)

The Valley News reports that Hebert’s newest book, I Love U, is a paper-free electronic book sold through Amazon.com. I Love U is a science fiction story, a topical departure from his best-known works, which chronicle life in rural New Hampshire.

Hebert looks favorably on electronic books, which are read on devices such as the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad. “This is a very good deal for first-time writers, for writers with a niche, or for writers like me who want to experiment,’’ he said. His next traditionally-published book will be published in October.

Read the full story, published by the Valley News on 8/19/11.

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