Historic Art Exhibit Debuts At Dartmouth (WPTZ-TV)



Maud DuPuy Darwin by Cecilia Beaux (1889), is on display as part of the “Embracing Elegance” exhibition at the Hood Museum of Art. (photo courtesy of the Hood)

Some late 19th- and early 20th-century art is on display for the first time in the “Embracing Elegance, 1885-1920” exhibition at the Hood Museum of Art, reports WPTZ News.

The exhibition features over 30 examples of American impressionist and realist pastels, drawings, and paintings collected by Jack Huber ’63 and his wife, Russell.

This period of history was one of “great social change and artistic change,” Curator Barbara MacAdam told WPTZ, with “industrialization, urbanization, these enormous waves of immigration.” The artworks reveal a range of responses to the cultural and artistic developments of the era.

The exhibition, which is free and open to the public, will be on display through September 4.

Watch the video, which was published on WPTZ.com on 08/03/11.

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