Jeff Sharlet’s ‘Sweet Heaven When I Die’ (The Washington Post)


In this review, The Washington Post’s Michael Washburn praises Assistant Professor of English Jeff Sharlet’s new book, Sweet Heaven When I Die: Faith, Faithlessness, and the Country In Between (Norton, 2011).

“Jeff Sharlet delivers a fine dose of thoughtful skepticism in [this] collection of 13 trenchant essays on how we gain, lose, maintain and blindly accept faith,” writes Washburn.

“The book belongs to the tradition of long-form, narrative journalism best exemplified by writers such as Joan Didion, John McPhee, Norman Mailer and Sharlet’s contemporary David Samuels. Sharlet deserves a place alongside such masters, for he has emerged as a master investigative stylist and one of the shrewdest commentators on religion’s underexplored realms.”

Read the full review, published by The Washington Post on 08/19/11.

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