Medical Students Learn to Be Part of the Process of Change


Historically, medical students have been taught how to work within the constraints of the current health-care system. But at Dartmouth Medical School (DMS), learning the hows (and whys) of improving the processes of care is now part of the required curriculum.


A team of Dartmouth Medical School students discuss their project for the “Health, Society, and the Physician” course. (Dartmouth Medicine photo by Juniper Trails)

This year, the “Health, Society, and the Physician” course at DMS was revamped to create a first-of-its-kind clerkship in health care delivery science. Of the change, DMS Dean Wiley Souba says, “We are beginning the process of curricular reform to create a four-year experience that prepares our students for the practice of medicine and the practice of leadership.”

Read the full story, published in the summer 2011 issue of Dartmouth Medicine magazine.

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