Computer Science Department Opens its Doors at Sept. 24 Symposium


This weekend, the Department of Computer Science opens its doors to all members of the Dartmouth community with an interest in computer science applications and research. The department’s annual symposium will showcase faculty and student research on Saturday, September 24, starting 8:30 a.m. in Steele and Fairchild halls.  The event is being organized by computer science graduate students Ashok Chandrashekar, Milka Doktorova, and Andrew Lyons.

Bernard Chazelle of Princeton University will deliver the keynote address at 9:10 a.m. on the topic of natural algorithms, which he defines as algorithms designed by evolution over millions of years. Most of Chazelle’s work has been in computational geometry, where he has found many of the best-known algorithms and complexity results. He is also known as a political essayist. Chazelle describes his current interests as being in natural algorithms, with a focus on collective behavior and bird flocking.

Dartmouth students and faculty will present their research in talks, a comprehensive poster session, and as demonstrations of working models. See the symposium website for additional information and a complete schedule.

The organizers encourage participation from people working in areas related to computer science, including mathematics, engineering, security, and even music and the arts.

“If you think your work would benefit from exposure to computer scientists, or if you want to know more about active research in computer science at Dartmouth, we encourage you to attend,” say the organizers.

Joseph Blumberg