Loan Ranger (The New York Times)



Dartmouth Trusteee Diana Taylor ’77 (photo by Joseph Mehling ’69)

In this New York Times Style Magazine article, Dartmouth alumna and Trustee Diana Taylor ’77 is profiled with an emphasis on her work in microfinance. She is chairwoman of Acción International, “one of the biggest organizations that do microlending—that is, make small loans to the poor as an antipoverty strategy.”

Taylor came to believe “the premise of microfinance—that the poor are often ingenious handlers of money, but merely face obstacles to saving money and growing businesses.” As she told The New York Times, “It’s absolutely astounding how enterprising people are. The ability to smooth out consumption when your income is very wobbly, and to figure out how to store value when you have no bank, is very sophisticated.”

Read the full story, published on on 09/22/11.

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