They’ve Got Dartmouth Under Their Skin


Dartmouth alumni have the reputation for being loyal. But there are those who go above and beyond for their alma mater, and each year the Dartmouth Alumni Council recognizes their contributions.

The Council has chosen 11 alumni to receive 2011–12 Dartmouth Alumni Awards and Young Alumni Distinguished Service Awards for their surpassing volunteer service to the College, their broader civic involvement, and career accomplishment.

Roger S. Aaron ’64, Tuck ’65; Albert T. T. Cook Jr. ’62; Ann Peters Duffy ’77; David Mason Eichman ’82; Susan M. Finegan ’85; Leigh Miller Garry ’84; John H. Mathias Jr. ’69; and Curtis R. Welling ’71, Tuck ’77 will receive the Dartmouth Alumni Award.

Jeffrey B. Fine ’99, Amy R. Henry ’97, and Susanne M. Kandel ’00 will receive the Dartmouth Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award.

Read the full story, published on the Office of Alumni Relations website.

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