Dartmouth Researchers Study Tool for Alzheimer’s Diagnosis (WCAX)


A team at Thayer School of Engineering has developed a high-tech hat for researching Alzheimer’s disease.

Assistant Professor Solomon Diamond ’97, Thayer ’98, and Paolo Giacometti, a PhD candidate, have created a cap of wires and sensors to monitor the neurological and vascular functions within the human brain. That information, they say, can help determine who is at risk for Alzheimer’s disease and what drugs fight it most effectively.

Diamond expects the cap to be available for clinical research in the next one to two years.

“What I envision is that you will one day go into a clinic and the doctor will listen to your heart, check your lungs, and put a device on your head to measure your brain health,” he said.

Watch the full story, broadcast by WCAX on 11/21/11.

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