Vote the Dartmouth Aires #1 on The Sing-Off!



The Sing-Off concluded on November 28. The Dartmouth Aires’ talent and commitment earned them second place, ahead of Urban Method and behind winners Pentatonix. See complete coverage on Dartmouth Now.

The Dartmouth Aires are among three finalists on NBC’s a cappella competition The Sing-Off!

The judges’ decisions have brought them this far, now it is up to America to vote for the winner.

Show your support for the Aires with your vote(s)! You may cast 30 votes—up to 10 votes for each of the following three methods:

  • Call in a vote for the Aires using a land line telephone or cell phone: call toll-free 1-877-6-SING-03, (1-877-674-6403)
  • Send a text message to vote for the Aires: text keyword 3 to short code number 97979
  • Vote online at
Voting is open through Sunday, November 27, until 9 a.m. ET. The winner will be revealed on The Sing-Off’s live finale on Monday, November 28 at 8 p.m. ET.

Using all three voting methods, a total of 30 votes may be cast by one or more persons using one telephone line (10 votes), one cell phone (10 texts or phone calls), and one Internet address (10 votes). Residents of all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico are eligible to vote. For complete information, see NBC’s official voting rules.

Votes are identified by the method of voting and are not tied to the person casting the vote. If more than one person votes using the same phone line or Internet address, a total of 10 votes may be cast from that number or address, no matter how many people cast the votes.

Additional Internet addresses, cell phone numbers, and home and office phone lines may be used to cast up to 10 votes each.

Additional information on the voting methods:

Phone, using a land line or cell phone, dial toll-free 1-877-6-SING-03, (1-877-674-6403)

  • Three finalist groups are each assigned their own toll-free telephone number. The Aires are identified by the final two digits, 03.
  • When you call during the valid voting window times, you will hear a message thanking you for your vote. You may call in up to 10 votes. Any call after the 10th call will not be counted, regardless of the fact that an audio message will thank you for your vote.
  • If your telephone number is blocked when you call the toll-free vote line, your vote may not be counted. If you hear the message “you are calling from an invalid number,” your vote will not count.
  • Although The Sing-Off telephone number is able to handle huge volumes of simultaneous calls, there may be times—particularly just after the show ends— when it will not be able to handle every single call. If you receive a busy signal, try again in a few minutes.
  • There is no cost to vote using the toll-free number from a landline. Airtime and roaming charges will apply when using a cell phone.
  • Calls from pay telephones will be blocked.
  • You can vote using a digital, VOIP, or Internet-based phone system such as Vonage or Skype.
Text, send keyword 3 to short code number 97979.
  • You may not vote by text message if you have used the same cell phone to vote by calling The Sing-Off.
  • As with the telephone numbers, each of the three final groups are assigned their own text keyword.
  • Keyword text votes will not be accepted at the toll-free telephone number.
  • You will receive a confirmation text message only for your first valid text vote. You may send nine more texts, and those votes will count, but you will not receive confirmation of those texts.
  • As with the telephone voting, The Sing-Off text numbers are designed to handle a huge volume of simultaneous texts. However, there may be times when you receive a “message not sent” error text due to network congestion. If this happens, wait a few minutes and try again.
  • Text HELP to 97979 for help. Text STOP, CANCEL, QUIT, END, OR UNSUBSCRIBE to 97979 to cancel.
Online, at
  • You may vote up to 10 times per email address.
  • To vote, you will need to provide your email address, confirm you are 13 years of age or older, and confirm your acceptance of NBC’s terms and conditions.
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