Dartmouth Engineers Solutions to Binge Drinking (Associated Press via The Seattle Times)



Professor John Collier gave his introductory engineering students a unique assignment this term: develop a method to reduce binge drinking on college campuses.

The assignment supported the efforts of the National College Health Improvement Project, launched by Dartmouth College last spring.

Collier, the Myron Tribus Professor of Engineering Innovation at Thayer, considered the project a success.

“(The students) leapt at it,“ he said. “They came up with a ton of really interesting things.”

Read the full story, published on 12/3/11 by The Seattle Times.

This Associated Press story also appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Boston Herald, Concord Monitor, Denver Post and more. 

President Jim Yong Kim also visited the course this fall. Read about his visit and see the slideshow on Dartmouth’s flickr site.

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