Life Sciences Center at Dartmouth College Honors Petit Women (New Haven Register)


Beyond the entrance to Dartmouth’s new Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center stands a gallery named for the family of William Petit ’78.

“We wanted to honor Bill, and what was important to him was that people not forget his wife and daughters,” Bill Daniel, co-head of the Class of 1978, told the New Haven Register.

Petit’s classmates raised the funds to name the space in memory of Petit’s wife and daughters after they were killed in a home invasion in 2007.

The gallery features a quilt, “The Spirit of Dartmouth,” that was handmade by Ellen Rice, mother of Forrest Rice ’11. William Petit’s daughter Hayley had been admitted to Dartmouth and would have graduated with the Class of 2011.

“I’m humbled that they chose to honor my family by having the gallery,” Petit said. “It’s a gorgeous building, an amazing facility.”

Read the full story, published on 12/9/2011 by the New Haven Register.

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