The D-Plan: Time Out



Frederica (Ghesquiere) Helmiere ’04 (far left) during her environmental studies FPS in Swaziland. (courtesy of Dartmouth Alumni Magazine)

Rolled out in 1972, Dartmouth’s unique enrollment policy was conceived primarily to save on capital expenditures—dorm beds—while increasing class size with coeds. Yet the singular off-campus opportunities were an evident selling point from inception, as then-President John Kemeny pointed out: “The student who wants independence and responsibility will appreciate the freedom of this new Dartmouth plan.”

For those with an eye for adventure, the D-Plan has made once-in-a-lifetime opportunities possible. Today Dartmouth students can choose from more than 50 off-campus programs in places such as China, Morocco and San Diego, and grants from College centers enable students to accept leave-term jobs in locales where mom and dad don’t foot room-and-board bills.

Read the full story published in the January/February issue of the Dartmouth Alumni News.

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