The Top Ten International Relations Undergraduate Programs (Foreign Policy)


The journal Foreign Policy has ranked Dartmouth eighth in its 2012 list of the top ten undergraduate programs in international relations. The journal called particular attention to the work of Department of Government members Dirk Vandewalle and Jennifer Lind, leading experts on Libya and North Korea respectively.

Dartmouth stands out as the only recognized program that is unaffiliated with a graduate program in international relations. The other nine listed institutions each also have either a master’s or doctoral program (or both) included in Foreign Policy’s 2012 rankings of graduate programs in the field.

The research underlying Foreign Policy’s rankings is produced by the Teaching, Research, and International Policy (TRIP) project at the College of William and Mary. It draws from a survey of international relations faculty from every four-year college and university in the United States, and a parallel survey of current and former policymakers with national security decision-making roles.

Read the full story published in the January/February issue of Foreign Policy.

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