Video: Dartmouth Students Engage with Presidential Politics


Although debates among Republican candidates for President continue—five candidates are set to meet today in South Carolina, for example—Dartmouth students who were on campus fall term had the advantage of observing the political process up close. Regardless of political affiliation, Dartmouth students took advantage of the excitement on campus for the 2011 Republican Presidential Debate.

Regardless of their political affiliations, Dartmouth students took advantage of the experience when the October 11, 2011, Republican Presidential Debate came to campus. (photo by Zachery Ingbretsen ’11)

For many students, the Dartmouth debate offered even more: the chance for hands-on participation in the workings of a major political and media event.

In this video, produced by the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and Dartmouth Media Services, students discuss their thoughts about the importance of an event like this and how they engaged with events surrounding the October 11, 2011, debate on campus.

For media seeking commentary related to the presidential primaries:

Dartmouth is home to some of the world’s leading experts on presidential politics, polling, partisanship, health care and the economy. To speak with one of our faculty experts about the Republican primary, please contact Justin Anderson at (603) 626-3017 or

Dartmouth has its own television (satellite uplink) and radio (ISDN) studios available for broadcast interviews.

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