Basketball Suites Give Dartmouth Basketball Home Court Advantage


Dartmouth basketball coaches Paul Cormier and Chris Wielgus are enjoying a different view from their offices these days with the completion of the basketball suites in the Berry Sports Center lobby directly across from Leede Arena. With construction completed on the basketball suites in late October, the coaches, their staff, and players have been reaping the benefits the suites have brought.


(courtesy Dartmouth)

“The entire program, from the staff to the players to the alumnae, is beyond excited to be able to have a home like this,” said Wielgus. “What it shows to me is what the Dartmouth community can do when it is determined. This is not just about Dartmouth basketball; this is about the Dartmouth community coming together. It’s the alumni, the administration, and the staff.”

The technology that the suite has brought has also enhanced the player development experience for Dartmouth’s current student-athletes, both coaches note. Cormier said, “Instead of just having space and offices, we have space, offices, and some state-of-the art equipment, which again shows commitment to our programs and will help us in preparing for games, scouting, and player development.” He continued: “Some of the technology that we have allows us to bring the kids in and boil down some of the things we see on film. We’re able to break it down very easily to show them and not take a lot of their time. It’s really to the point and is a tremendous benefit to the student-athletes.”

Read the full story, published 1/26/12 by Dartmouth Athletics.

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