Graduate Appreciation Week Comes to Dartmouth


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Graduate Appreciation Week, which kicks off on Monday, April 9, will feature activities to both raise awareness of and celebrate the contributions that graduate students provide to the Dartmouth community.

Dartmouth graduate students serve a variety of roles on campus, from teaching assistants to research collaborators, and contribute to the high level of academic research being done at Dartmouth. There are over 700 graduate students in 20 masters and doctoral programs in the arts and sciences at Dartmouth, and account for nearly a fifth of the total student population of the College.

Graduate student research will be highlighted at the graduate poster session on Tuesday, April 10, at the Top of the Hop.  Designed as a way for students to present their research to the larger Dartmouth community, the session will feature over 45 graduate presenters from a variety of academic disciplines.

“This is a great week to celebrate graduate students and the many contributions that they make to the Dartmouth community,” says Kerry Landers, assistant dean of graduate student affairs.

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