Oh, the Lives That You’ll Save (Chronicle of Higher Education)


At Dartmouth College

That great font of knowledge

They’ll soon introduce

A school named for Dr. Seuss.

At the news that Dartmouth had named its medical school in honor of Audrey and Theodor Geisel, Class of 1925, Don Troop of The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Tweed blog was moved to Seuss-style verse.

The Tweed blog, billed as “taking academe a little less seriously,” celebrates both Dr. Seuss’s work and the generosity of the Geisels to Dartmouth.

Though not a doctor, we all called him one,

A sign of respect for a man who had fun

Telling sing-songy stories that make parents groan

But that left us as children not feeling alone.

Read the full story, published 4/4/12 by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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